Adventurers Guild

The Adventurers Guild

Location: Grifdale

The Adventurers Guild is a huge Barracks that can house at least 100 men. However there are currently only 40 or so active adventurers in the guild that live in the Barracks. Behind the building is a large training ground. The Adventurers Guild offers training in melee and ranged combat, as well as general resources, such as maps(at least what exists), basic equipment and local knowledge.

As for services, you need it, they provide. Security, mapping, tracking, hunting, exploration, vengence. Money is the real motivator for the Adventurers Guild. Providing a 50% of the take to the group who handles the job, combined with free room and board, it’s really not a bad way to go. So why don’t you sign up already!

Adventurers Guild

The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it! JoeGun JoeGun