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Session 46
Grrr, my head is killing me!

Gnarr’s eyes open as he takes in his surroundings. <ugg> Gnarr thinks to himself. Looking around he sees the carnage left over from the battle. Dead wolfen lie all across the floor, you see Jerkar, Kreger, and Revdar laid across the floor as well, they all look wounded, your not sure if they are still alive. You try to move and pain shoots through your body. You look down and see a large gash in your shoulder and plenty of your own blood liters the floor. You muster your strength and pull yourself to your feet. There are no signs of Gage, Wroggtar, Teg or gromen. Your in a cave, a couple of torches lay on the ground. You quickly rush over to check on your men. They seem to be breathing but are unconscious.

Suddenly the memories come rushing back. You had to get past the wolfen army and decided to head through the dwarven runes! You left Teg and Gromen topside to keep any scouts from finding your trail and if they did to lead them away. <that> you thing to yourself looking at the pile of wolfen around you. Hopefully they are still alive! The memories come but they are scattered and fuzzy. You remember going through the caves and getting lost. Soon you heard the sound of wolfen in the caves. You remember speaking to Gage and telling him he must continue and that you would deal with the Wolfen and catch up with him soon. A firm handshake and then the memory jumped again! The next thing you see is the flash of battle. You and your men taking on wave after wave of Wolfen. You have memories of your men falling one by one, until only you stood. Only you stood and at least 5 wolfen remained. Your Orcish bloodlust took over and your vision scewed into a red hue, the pain of your wounds slipping away and only the inner rage building up begging for an exit. You let out a blood curtiling scream and charge into battle brandishing your duel maces. Ignoring the blows of the other Wolfen, you proceeded to smash them to bits with your maces, sending them back to whatever gods they believe in. You might not survive this day, but Lopnel will look down on you favorably! That you know for sure. Soon enough it was over, all the wolfen lay dead. Maybe 25 sprawl the cavern, and the redish hue of your vision fades. You look down at yourself and see you are bleeding from a large gash in your shoulder. Suddenly everything went black…..

<so> Gnarr thinks to himself as he looks around…..

What to do now!

Session 45
It's been awhile!

Session 45 wave log

Session 44.5
The Timewarp!

It has been 6 months since the Gage, Gnarr and crew landed on Lopan. Since then our young adventurers have learned alot, and alot has happened. First Gnarr, WroggTar and RevDar made their way up the treacherous mountains of Lopan to reach the fabled library. Once reaching the great library, it took a considerable donation to the church to allow such miscreants access to the library. What followed was days of tedious research by WroggTar with the help of RevDar. Gnarr being illiterate didn’t do much but sit around complaining the entire time, and constantly bugging RevDar to teach him more of Lopnel and his ways. What came out of this research project was some interesting information:

  1. The Cup of Serlath can only be obtained by someone wearing the Medallion of Churuz.
  2. The Medallion of Churuz supposedly lies in an ancient Palace in the Baalgor Wastelands.
  3. The person that really knows the most about this legend is an old Elf by the name of Krimley.
  4. Talking to some of the older priests here, they mentioned that Krimley used to come visit often, but stopped coming many years ago, last time they heard from him, he lived in the Eastern Territory in a town called Richly.

With this newly found information the party returns Captain Fritz’s ship and they make sail for the city of Richly. The city of Richly is a huge city that is simply bustling. The Iconic item of this city is a giant Candle that sits in the center of town. This candle is easily 6 stories tall and burns with a magical Blue Flame that is said to never extinguish no matter how hard it rains or snows, the flame survives. It is this beacon that gives the Human race hope against the Wolfen and their constant onslaught into the eastern territory. Once in the city of Richly Sue is approached by an very old elf as soon as the party makes it to the local tavern to try and find Krimley. The old man introduces himself as Krimley and that he has been expected Sue for a long time. After a long talk the party gathers the following information from Krimley:

  1. The Medallion was created by the Dwarves as a token of piece and offered to the Elves.
  2. The Medallion can only be touched by a Female blood relative of the messenger that carried the medallion.
  3. If the Medallion is ever touched by someone other than a Female blood relative bad things will happen. Rumor has it this is what caused the Elvin kingdoms to fall and caused the creation of the Baalgor Wastelands.
  4. Sue is the last female decedent of the messenger.

At this point Sue can’t travel by horse any longer, she is due in a month and needs to rest. However the medallion must be found and it basically sits on the other side of the world. Bed ridden the party get restless and realize they must move on before the Elvin Prince and his Knights find you. Sue recognizes this as well and has a vision in her sleep. When she awakes she talks to Gage.

“Gage, I had a vision. I had a vision that you will see Dex today. Bring him to me, and have him watch me. He can help me bring our babies into this world, and he can protect me while you are gone. You must go with Gnarr and find the Medallion. I have seen in my visions that you travel with them. It is how it must be” As she finishes the last sentence tears begin to roll freely down her face. She leans forward as best she can and kisses Gage lightly on the forehead. “Go find Dex, then go find the Medallion”

Gage then proceeds to inform the rest of the party of Sue’s visions. RevDar adds that once we find the medallion, that we could possible summon some sort of teleportation magic to bring Sue to us. While they are talking over a meal, Gnarr see’s Dex walk in the tavern.

Soon Dex is in charge of watching Sue, while Gage, Gnarr and crew load up with Fritz and make their way back to the Old Kingdom, so they might make their way to the Baalgore wastelands and the Ancient Palace.

Soon the party is back where they started this whole mess. The Old Kingdom, on the edge of the Elven Princes empire. It looks pretty much the same. However as you start to formulate the best route to get to Baalgor, you realize that you must pass near the old Druid womans house. Gnarr then thinks back to his scroll and the eerie mystical powers it possessed….

We find our party sitting around a campfire…...

Session 43
Gage finds and talks with Sir Edrik of Dovenbrok, in an effort to find Gnarr.

Session 43 Chat log

Session 42
The troops continue to battle the guards, can they survive? Are they outmatched? Can anyone help? Maybe if they can avoid falling out of the window!

Session 42 Chat log

Session 41
Gnarr decides to go get his cart back during the city riot, however the city guards have other plans, and a man goes down!

Session 41 Chat log

Session 40
Gnarr rallies the prisoners and takes on the prison guard!

Session 40 Chat log

Session 39
Gnarr and his crew work on getting out of prison!

Session 39 Chat log

Session 38
Gage and WroggTar hear about Gnarr and crew being locked up due to some human they had locked in their cart....time to go meet this human at the temple...disguise time!

Session 38 Chat log


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