The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it!

Session 32
WroggTar and Gage find out some interesting info in the Demon Captain's Journal, Gnarr paints a pretty picture, and the ship sets sail!

Session 32 Chat log

Session 31
The Group meet, try to figure out what happened to Sue, and what they need to do to find her!

Session 31 Chat log

Session 30
Gnarr, Fenrir and WroggTar fight a manticore, and then Gage!

Session 30 Chat log

Session 29
Gnarr and Fenrir decide to go rescue Jerkar aboard Captain Raven's ship!

Session 29 Chat log

Session 28
Gnarr and crew find a book, and meet an interesting new ally in Fenrir, who despite trying to be secretive, learns that WroggTar can find out whatever he wants with a little magic!

Session 28 Chat log

Session 27
Gnarr searches for a member of his team, has an altercation with a Demonic ship Captian, and gets help from an interesting dwarf!

Session 27 Chat log

Session 26
Gnarr learns what it is like to work with his team, learns about the boy, and himself...

Session 26 Chat log

Session 25
Gnarr and his group save the shaman and begin their primary mission.

Session 25 Chat log

Session 24
Gage and Sue make it to a large port town, and meet Captain Fritz! Alot of good role playing in this one!

Session 24 Chat log

Session 23
Gnarr and WroggTar flee the elvin empire back to their kingdom, hand over the prince and assemble a crew for thier next mission!

Session 23 Chat log


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