The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it!

Session 1
How an Orc meets a human, and why they look for druids.

Since this session was live and not chatted out, and well over 2 years ago, my details are sparse, however, Gage settles in for Camp when a goblin runs into his camp brandishing a dagger. Gage and the goblin fight for a bit with no real clear victor when Gnarr comes smashing through the forest and smashes the Goblin into a little goo spot. Gage thanks Gnarr and after a bit of conversing find they are heading to roughly the same location, and they should travel together. They make a stop to a secretive old Druid who gives each of them a scroll and tells them to open it when the time is right.

Gage quickly opens up his scroll and sees a picture of a Castle. Gnarr recognizes it instantly noting that it is Castle Grendlebrok and it was the Castle he was attacking earlier with his army. It seems that this Orc and Human have more in common that previous anticipated. The duo head out for the Castle, however they know it is a good 2 weeks away. This is unacceptable for Gage, as his woman is in that Castle! They decide to stop into the nearest town and look at purchasing some horses. Upon talking to the stable master, they realize they have a shortage of money to purchase horses. Gage decides it’s time to make some money playing cards.

Upon entering the bar Gage and Gnarr find a table dealing cards. There are a couple of guys there playing that seem to know each other. They are young, and look like adventurers. Gage and Gnarr sit down and start playing cards. Early on they seem to be holding their own, however soon enough they start loosing all their cash. Gage gets desperate and starts palming cards. This pays off, and Gage starts winning hand over fist. That is until he gets caught! The guys stand up and draw their swords and scream out “CHEATS!” With that Gnarr grabs his mace and Gage flips the table up on it’s end!!!


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