The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it!

Session 12
Gage and Gnarr fight a knight to get into the tower holding Sue. In Battle a hero falls! Are they down for the count?

Session 12 Chat log

Session 11
The treo try and hide from the guards, but Gnarr gets discovered! WroggTar saves his butt...again, and they head for the tower, only to find a knight waiting for them!

Session 11 Chat log

Session 10
WroggTar and Gnarr hook back up with Gage, and together they come up with a plan, and sneak into the palace.

Session 10 Chat log

Session 9
Gnarr and WroggTar figure out a way to get inside the city.

Session 9 Chat log

Session 8
Gnarr sends Gage into the city to gather intel with the cobbler. Gage does his best to be a spy!

Session 8 Chat log

Session 6
Gnarr and Gage continue towards the castle, and are side tracked by a talking bird giving Gnarr orders!

Session 6 Chat log

Session 5
The guys close in on the end of the Tor and finally get to see what is behind the big glowing rune encrusted door!

Session 5 Chat log

Session 4
The adventures continue as the guys enter the Tor and attempt to wipe out the Hob Goblin raiders.

Session 4 Chat log

Session 3
The Crew accept an offer from the sheriff and start work on finishing the job.

Session 3 Chat log

Session 2
The Adventures continue as they finish up a bar fight and get the hell out of there before the cops arrive! Will they make it?

Session 2 Chat log


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