The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it!

Session 25
Gnarr and his group save the shaman and begin their primary mission.

Session 25 Chat log

Session 24
Gage and Sue make it to a large port town, and meet Captain Fritz! Alot of good role playing in this one!

Session 24 Chat log

Session 23
Gnarr and WroggTar flee the elvin empire back to their kingdom, hand over the prince and assemble a crew for thier next mission!

Session 23 Chat log

Session 22
Gage and Sue realize that Gage's past actions have consequences....even if Gnarr did it!

Session 22 Chat log

Session 21
Sue has a bad dream, that seems to be coming true. Gage decides to take the dreams seriously and get out of dodge.

“Session 21 Chat log”:

Session 18
Gnarr un-elf-afies his armor, and meets a problem palladin and his squire.

Session 18 Chat log

Session 17
The group with Sue in tow, start heading to the library. An interaction with a merchant along the road, leads to some interesting alignment discussion, and some kick ass role playing!

Session 17 Chat log

Session 16
Gage and Gnarr see WroggTar drop by and figure out a way to get out of the tower.

Session 16 Chat log

Session 15
WroggTar grabs some awesome magic items, meets a wolfen soldier, and tests out some new toys!

Session 15 Chat log

Session 13
Gage and Gnarr find themselves in the tower needed to rest, so they devise some traps leading to the tower to give them a chance to do just that.

Session 13 Chat log


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