Attributes Derived Skills Status
Agility d10
Smarts d6
Spirit d8
Strength d6
Vigor d6
Charisma 0
Pace 5
Parry 7(1)
Toughness 6(1)
Power Points 15
Perform d8
Kn: Performance history d6
Fighting d8
Streetwise d6
Notice d6
Lockpicking d4
Climbing d4
Stealth d6
Persuasion d4
XP: 36
Status: Normal
Wounds: 0
Bennies: 3
Gold: 200
Hindrances Edges
Outcast (Flamboyant rapier wielding Dwarves arn’t popular in his clan)
Delusional (thinks he is a master of disguise)
Arrogant (thinks he is the best fencer alive and proves it by counting coup in combat)
Rapid Recharge
Power Points
Power Points Effect
Healing 3pp Touch, -1 wound(-2raise), wake incapacitated
Succor 1pp Touch, Recovers shaken status in combat, -1 fatigue(-2raise), wake incapacitated
Slumber 2pp Range smartsx2, MBT, Spirit check or sleep(-2raise), 1min(1/min)
Confusion 1-3pp Range smartsx2, Smarts check -2(-4raise) or be shaken, can effect up to 3 targets (use 1 skill die per target and 1 wild die)
Weapons Armor
Rapier Str+d6 (Parry+1)
Dwarven Forged Dirk 3/6/12 Str+d4
Leather +1(highly colorful and intricately worked)

Alignment: Unprincipled
Birth Order: Only Child
Weight: Potbelly
Height: Average (for a dwarf)
Age: 38 yrs

Disposition: Comes off as a thoughtful and trustworthy companion but is always on the look out for some way to return his name to high favor among his native people.

Land Of Origion: Iron Mountain Dwarf clans

Back ground: Raised as the only son of a fairly well to do merchant, Farlin always seemed to be on the outside of the tight knit structure which is dwarven society. Weather it was his tendency to wear bright colored armor or clothing over the grays and brown so common to the Iron mountains or his insistence that the rapier was a far superior weapon to the barbaric war hammer so many of his clan favored, The young dwarf grew up alone and spent whatever time he was not reading the ancient legends and adventures he found in his father’s library, practicing the swashbuckling fighting styles which the heroes in his favorite stories seemed so fond. Eventually, Farlin’s father, having given up on his only son ever taking over the family business, apprenticed him to a well know dwarven Troubadour when Farlin showed a passing interest in the lyre. The young dwarf had a natural talent, which hard work and focused determination helped to quickly mold. Although he is a skilled fighter, he fancies himself to be a combination of all of his favorite heroes and will discuss his obviously superior skills with anyone who is willing to speak to him.


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