The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it!

Session 51

Crap the wizard is down, now what?

After seeing the wizard collapse, the Dwarf comes over and starts singing. The exhaustion seems to fade away and WroggTar wakes up and looks around a bit.

“Whew, that was fun, did we get away from those stinky ass dogs?” WroggTar says as he slowly gets back to his feet.

The rest of the group try to decide what to do next. They know they are near an exit of the caves, and that there are still many Wolfen searching for them in the caves. They can see that the Wolfen Army is a couple hundred yards away down in the valley, but fortunately for group, the cliffs are steep, and it would take them a bit to get to the party.

After much deliberation, Gnarr decides to have Gage cover their tracks as they head on towards their goal, and Farlin decides it would be best if the entrance to the tunnel was no more, so he pulls the pin and the entrance comes crashing down.


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