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Session 50

A New Beginning

Gnarr finds himself gravely wounded standing around the bodies of his men and his enemies. In an almost delirious state. Fortunately an adventitious Dwarf by the name of Farlin happened to be in the same tunnels trying to figure out why so many Wolfen were creeping around. After helping Gnarr snap out of it, Farlin and Gnarr begin tending to his fallen men.

Gnarr soon finds out that his best friend and most trusted warrior Jerkar has died in the battle. As he mourns his friend Gage has made it back to the scene after finding an exit out of the maze these dwarves call home. After quick introductions Farlin and Gage proceed to heal both Kreiger and RevDar.

Once the men have been healed Gage does his best to heal Gnarr, however his wounds were much more severe and he only managed to heal him a bit. Gnarr will just need to work the rest of the soreness out over the next week or so.

RevDar and Gnarr move on to preparing a proper funeral for Jerkar. By order of LOPNEL all warriors of his shall be burned upon the battlefield in which they fell. During the procession, Gnarr gives a wonderful speech aided with a ORCish song of the fallen performed by Farlin. This act quickly puts Farlin in the favor of the rest of the group (especially Gnarr’s men). The song quickly lifts the parties spirits and they feel a sense of triumph even though there is still a nagging sense of loss on this day.

The warm fuzzys are soon broken up however, when WroggTar bursts in saying another group of Wolfen are on his tail, and with the fire, it won’t be long before they find the group. And boy is he right, what seemed like only moments, the entire party was surrounded by Wolfen. Their red eyes glowing through the smoke, and the howls striking a cord with those not made of sterner stuff. WroggTar quickly asks everyone to grab hold of him and he begins chanting.

Soon there is an explosion of light and the party are teleported to the exit Gage and WroggTar found earlier. However the amount of people and the distance traveled put to much toll on WroggTar and he collapsed in exhaustion…


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