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New Home

Moving on and foward or maybe to the side who knows really!

We have decided we love the campaign setting, but the Palladium Transplant Characters just didn’t work in the new setting. They were driven by backstory and to take that backstory away, left very different PCs. Therefore we decided to roll up some new PCs (all at novice, so the players get to start from the beginning!). We run the game via a combo of Google+ hangouts using TabletopForge and google group Play by Post to keep the action going between sessions. Since we are all adults with busy lives, this has been the best way to keep the game going when we can’t meet for a session. We just pick up right were the PbP leaves off and run with it. So far it has worked out well. In addition since the char sheets are stored in google drive, the game is played all on google groups and G+ hangouts, we figured it made since to migrate the rest of our content to the googlesphere! So this site will no longer be updated. For anyone who wants to see how the little world is evolving head over here:



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