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Job1: Part3

I knew that was going to happen!

We last left our members to take out 1 thug hiding behind a window, and a robed fire hurling wizard inside a cabin.

Quickly Farlin takes out the remaining thug, while Gage lands a Huge shot on the wizard, causing him to go down. Farlin and Gnarr quicky tie up the thug and wizard and start questioning the wizard. He tells them that the cart took the crates away and they were just laying low in the cabin. To which Farlin quickly noted that the tracks showed the carts being much lighter after stopping, to which the Wizard stated that it was because they all got off the cart, and the crates stayed. Something didn’t sit right with Farlin, and he had a feeling the wizard was just lying. Farlin then decides to bring out the heavy guns and takes the thug outside and pretends to kill him to show the wizard he isn’t messing around. At this moment the wizard makes his move. Mumbling a few words he quickly triples his muscle mass, rips the bindings off, and scampers out the back door. Farlin mutters “I knew that was going to happen”. Gage quickly tries to get a shot off at the man, but couldn’t hit his mark. Gnarr tries to get out the door, but has to wait as he doesn’t want to mess up Gage’s shot! As soon as Gage fires, Gnarr moves past him and rushes after the wounded wizard. It isn’t much of a chase and Gnarr catches up to him quickly and flinging his maces to the ground he tackles the wizard sending him to the ground……

And yet another cliffhanger until next time!


JoeGun JoeGun

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