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Job1: Part2

Lets sneak up on this cabin in the middle of nowhere, it'll be fine!

Continuing the hi-jinks of Job1 the group sneak up to a Cabin to do a little recon…

As the group attempts to sneak up, it is obvious the large 1/2 orc is not designed for quiet. Making a large ruckus, the windows to the cabin open up and two men appear in the windows with wicked looking crossbows pointed at the intruders (yup the PCs).

Thinking quick on his feet, Gnarr decides to persuade the men that the sheriff sent the group over to verify that the job went ok. (Note: Gnarr is taking a HUGE gamble here, assuming the sheriff is in on the job!). The men just look at him with a genuine look of confusion and tell the group to get off their land. During this time Farlin notices that the men have not yet noticed him, and only Gage and Gnarr and decides it would be a good idea to sneak around and get a nice flanking position on the cabin. Unfortunately, one of the guys see him and turn to fire. With lightning quick reflexes, Gage comes to the rescue, drawing his bow, notching an arrow and embedding it into the chest of the attacker, through the window! He quickly goes down, and the remaining crossbowman turns and fires at Gage, who simply moves his head slightly to the right letting the bolt wiz by!

At this point things get interesting, Farlin and Gnarr rush to each side of the Cabin to attempt to flank up either side, meanwhile Gage keeps a steady aim on the windows just in case anyone decides to poke their heads out. At this point two more crossbow men fill the windows. Farlin jumps in and starts fighing with one, while Gnarr thinks it best to sneak around to the side window and attempt to crash in for a bit of surprise!

Gnarr runs and crashes through the window, which is just big enough for the giant oaf to make it through int he first place, but manages to catch his feet on the ledge and tumbles into the room, crashing into a table, falling flat on his face on the ground with the table now laying on top of him…But hey it’s cover right!

Farlin while engaged in a nice back and forth with one of the crossbowmen who at this point is fighting with a short sword gets a good look into the room and sees that their is a cloaked figure in the back who upon seeing Gnarr burst through the window gets up and steps towards Gnarr. He quickly raises his hands and Flames erupt from his hand and engulf the table which happens to protect Gnarr. Gnarr quickly uses this to his advantage hurling the flaming table into the two crossbowmen in the left window. The flaming table smashes into the men crushing and igniting them at the same time, while at the same time taking out an 8 foot section of wall.

This was just the space Gage needed to take a nice shot at the Cloaked man in the back of the room. Gage fires an arrow clean and heads straight for it’s mark, suddenly a mystic shield seems to appear out of thin air deflecting the arrow into the nearby wall.

This was the point in which we ran out of time, so we needed to call it….See the conclusion next week! Same bat time, same bat channel!


JoeGun JoeGun

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