The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it!

Job1: Part 4

Move again and I'll have Gnarr squash you like a bug!

After successfully pinning the Mage on the ground Gnarr smiles to himself, however this was lived as the mage surges all his strength and hurls Gnarr off of him as he leaps to his feet. However what the mage was not prepaired for was Gage, who already had his arrow drawn down on the mage, as soon as he came to his feet the arrow sunk in deep to his left knee causing the mage the scream out in pain, but he still managed to stay on his feet. Then another twang sounded as Gage sunk a second arrow into the Mages right knee causing the Mage to shrink back to his original size and crumple to the ground in a heap. Gnarr quickly gagged the little man and bound him tight, to ensure another spell would not exit his lips, and Farlin rounded up the thug they tied up earlier. After resting for the night in the Cabin, the group marched back to town, having the thug carry the mage all the way back to town, and have them both locked up. Soon after the group returned to the cabin, this time with a cart, retrieved the crates of silver and returned them to the miners guild.

Geoff gave the men great thanks and 100 gold each for their troubles. And with that the heroes went to The Silver Sliver to have a few drinks and tell a few tails. Fairly late into the night Charlie came up to the group to inform them they had a job in the morning, to escort a cartagropher through the wilds to map out a new route to CiderVale.


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