The Adventurer's Guild: You need it, we get it!

Job 1: Find a couple missing crates of Silver.

"What kind of Silver? Silver Nuggets? You mean like chicken nuggets? Nope like silver nuggets...."

Yeah so that quote, it was stated during game time! And that is how the session began!

Gnarr, Gage and Farlin picked up a job trying to recover stolen crates of silver from the local mining guilds storage facility. After a quick debate on what to do the group heads to the crime scene. Upon arriving at the Storage building, Farlin immediately starts examining the dirt on the ground and examining the general managers shoes. Either he is the next Sherlock Holmes or he is bat shit crazy…only time will tell. Once those antics were resolved the group decided to checkout the front doors and the carts. nothing looked out of place and everything looked good, so they headed back to the actual spot of the crime! After examining the area, they identify some burned parchment that they can assume was a magic scroll, and notice that whoever stole the crates picked them up by hand ( no easy task so these guys were big! ), and managed to squeeze them out the backdoor relatively unnoticed. None of the guards even noticed anything was stolen until the workers came back in, in the morning.

So quickly the group begins tracking the footprints that lead to the back fence of the mines. They see that there are cart tracks and begin to pursue. About 3 miles outside of town Gage notices smoke off in the distance of the woods, that could be a chimney of a hunting cabin. Trying to decide if they should investigate the random smoke coming from the forest or to continue to track the cart, Gnarr takes a closer look at the scene. He amazingly notices that the ruts of the cart tracks are considerably deeper here showing that the cart stopped here for sometime before moving on. He also figure out the cart was much lighter when it started moving again!

“Well that changes things a bit doesn’t it” Gage says to the group….

Next week: To the Cabin!


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