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New Home
Moving on and foward or maybe to the side who knows really!

We have decided we love the campaign setting, but the Palladium Transplant Characters just didn’t work in the new setting. They were driven by backstory and to take that backstory away, left very different PCs. Therefore we decided to roll up some new PCs (all at novice, so the players get to start from the beginning!). We run the game via a combo of Google+ hangouts using TabletopForge and google group Play by Post to keep the action going between sessions. Since we are all adults with busy lives, this has been the best way to keep the game going when we can’t meet for a session. We just pick up right were the PbP leaves off and run with it. So far it has worked out well. In addition since the char sheets are stored in google drive, the game is played all on google groups and G+ hangouts, we figured it made since to migrate the rest of our content to the googlesphere! So this site will no longer be updated. For anyone who wants to see how the little world is evolving head over here:


Job1: Part 4
Move again and I'll have Gnarr squash you like a bug!

After successfully pinning the Mage on the ground Gnarr smiles to himself, however this was lived as the mage surges all his strength and hurls Gnarr off of him as he leaps to his feet. However what the mage was not prepaired for was Gage, who already had his arrow drawn down on the mage, as soon as he came to his feet the arrow sunk in deep to his left knee causing the mage the scream out in pain, but he still managed to stay on his feet. Then another twang sounded as Gage sunk a second arrow into the Mages right knee causing the Mage to shrink back to his original size and crumple to the ground in a heap. Gnarr quickly gagged the little man and bound him tight, to ensure another spell would not exit his lips, and Farlin rounded up the thug they tied up earlier. After resting for the night in the Cabin, the group marched back to town, having the thug carry the mage all the way back to town, and have them both locked up. Soon after the group returned to the cabin, this time with a cart, retrieved the crates of silver and returned them to the miners guild.

Geoff gave the men great thanks and 100 gold each for their troubles. And with that the heroes went to The Silver Sliver to have a few drinks and tell a few tails. Fairly late into the night Charlie came up to the group to inform them they had a job in the morning, to escort a cartagropher through the wilds to map out a new route to CiderVale.

Job1: Part3
I knew that was going to happen!

We last left our members to take out 1 thug hiding behind a window, and a robed fire hurling wizard inside a cabin.

Quickly Farlin takes out the remaining thug, while Gage lands a Huge shot on the wizard, causing him to go down. Farlin and Gnarr quicky tie up the thug and wizard and start questioning the wizard. He tells them that the cart took the crates away and they were just laying low in the cabin. To which Farlin quickly noted that the tracks showed the carts being much lighter after stopping, to which the Wizard stated that it was because they all got off the cart, and the crates stayed. Something didn’t sit right with Farlin, and he had a feeling the wizard was just lying. Farlin then decides to bring out the heavy guns and takes the thug outside and pretends to kill him to show the wizard he isn’t messing around. At this moment the wizard makes his move. Mumbling a few words he quickly triples his muscle mass, rips the bindings off, and scampers out the back door. Farlin mutters “I knew that was going to happen”. Gage quickly tries to get a shot off at the man, but couldn’t hit his mark. Gnarr tries to get out the door, but has to wait as he doesn’t want to mess up Gage’s shot! As soon as Gage fires, Gnarr moves past him and rushes after the wounded wizard. It isn’t much of a chase and Gnarr catches up to him quickly and flinging his maces to the ground he tackles the wizard sending him to the ground……

And yet another cliffhanger until next time!

Job1: Part2
Lets sneak up on this cabin in the middle of nowhere, it'll be fine!

Continuing the hi-jinks of Job1 the group sneak up to a Cabin to do a little recon…

As the group attempts to sneak up, it is obvious the large 1/2 orc is not designed for quiet. Making a large ruckus, the windows to the cabin open up and two men appear in the windows with wicked looking crossbows pointed at the intruders (yup the PCs).

Thinking quick on his feet, Gnarr decides to persuade the men that the sheriff sent the group over to verify that the job went ok. (Note: Gnarr is taking a HUGE gamble here, assuming the sheriff is in on the job!). The men just look at him with a genuine look of confusion and tell the group to get off their land. During this time Farlin notices that the men have not yet noticed him, and only Gage and Gnarr and decides it would be a good idea to sneak around and get a nice flanking position on the cabin. Unfortunately, one of the guys see him and turn to fire. With lightning quick reflexes, Gage comes to the rescue, drawing his bow, notching an arrow and embedding it into the chest of the attacker, through the window! He quickly goes down, and the remaining crossbowman turns and fires at Gage, who simply moves his head slightly to the right letting the bolt wiz by!

At this point things get interesting, Farlin and Gnarr rush to each side of the Cabin to attempt to flank up either side, meanwhile Gage keeps a steady aim on the windows just in case anyone decides to poke their heads out. At this point two more crossbow men fill the windows. Farlin jumps in and starts fighing with one, while Gnarr thinks it best to sneak around to the side window and attempt to crash in for a bit of surprise!

Gnarr runs and crashes through the window, which is just big enough for the giant oaf to make it through int he first place, but manages to catch his feet on the ledge and tumbles into the room, crashing into a table, falling flat on his face on the ground with the table now laying on top of him…But hey it’s cover right!

Farlin while engaged in a nice back and forth with one of the crossbowmen who at this point is fighting with a short sword gets a good look into the room and sees that their is a cloaked figure in the back who upon seeing Gnarr burst through the window gets up and steps towards Gnarr. He quickly raises his hands and Flames erupt from his hand and engulf the table which happens to protect Gnarr. Gnarr quickly uses this to his advantage hurling the flaming table into the two crossbowmen in the left window. The flaming table smashes into the men crushing and igniting them at the same time, while at the same time taking out an 8 foot section of wall.

This was just the space Gage needed to take a nice shot at the Cloaked man in the back of the room. Gage fires an arrow clean and heads straight for it’s mark, suddenly a mystic shield seems to appear out of thin air deflecting the arrow into the nearby wall.

This was the point in which we ran out of time, so we needed to call it….See the conclusion next week! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Job 1: Find a couple missing crates of Silver.
"What kind of Silver? Silver Nuggets? You mean like chicken nuggets? Nope like silver nuggets...."

Yeah so that quote, it was stated during game time! And that is how the session began!

Gnarr, Gage and Farlin picked up a job trying to recover stolen crates of silver from the local mining guilds storage facility. After a quick debate on what to do the group heads to the crime scene. Upon arriving at the Storage building, Farlin immediately starts examining the dirt on the ground and examining the general managers shoes. Either he is the next Sherlock Holmes or he is bat shit crazy…only time will tell. Once those antics were resolved the group decided to checkout the front doors and the carts. nothing looked out of place and everything looked good, so they headed back to the actual spot of the crime! After examining the area, they identify some burned parchment that they can assume was a magic scroll, and notice that whoever stole the crates picked them up by hand ( no easy task so these guys were big! ), and managed to squeeze them out the backdoor relatively unnoticed. None of the guards even noticed anything was stolen until the workers came back in, in the morning.

So quickly the group begins tracking the footprints that lead to the back fence of the mines. They see that there are cart tracks and begin to pursue. About 3 miles outside of town Gage notices smoke off in the distance of the woods, that could be a chimney of a hunting cabin. Trying to decide if they should investigate the random smoke coming from the forest or to continue to track the cart, Gnarr takes a closer look at the scene. He amazingly notices that the ruts of the cart tracks are considerably deeper here showing that the cart stopped here for sometime before moving on. He also figure out the cart was much lighter when it started moving again!

“Well that changes things a bit doesn’t it” Gage says to the group….

Next week: To the Cabin!

A new Beginning!
Well lets just start over shall we? Forget what you thought you knew, because it didn't really happen!

So is life! Things change and so must our quest.

Since we are busy with life and such, the odds of players keeping track of an epic quest is pretty much 0. Therefore we are re-factoring people!

Same characters (although re-imagined, now that we know the system a bit better). We also toned down the plot a bit so we could focus on episodic format. Aka each session is a complete quest, with the goal to wrap it up in an hour.

We will see how it goes!

Session 51
Crap the wizard is down, now what?

After seeing the wizard collapse, the Dwarf comes over and starts singing. The exhaustion seems to fade away and WroggTar wakes up and looks around a bit.

“Whew, that was fun, did we get away from those stinky ass dogs?” WroggTar says as he slowly gets back to his feet.

The rest of the group try to decide what to do next. They know they are near an exit of the caves, and that there are still many Wolfen searching for them in the caves. They can see that the Wolfen Army is a couple hundred yards away down in the valley, but fortunately for group, the cliffs are steep, and it would take them a bit to get to the party.

After much deliberation, Gnarr decides to have Gage cover their tracks as they head on towards their goal, and Farlin decides it would be best if the entrance to the tunnel was no more, so he pulls the pin and the entrance comes crashing down.

Session 50
A New Beginning

Gnarr finds himself gravely wounded standing around the bodies of his men and his enemies. In an almost delirious state. Fortunately an adventitious Dwarf by the name of Farlin happened to be in the same tunnels trying to figure out why so many Wolfen were creeping around. After helping Gnarr snap out of it, Farlin and Gnarr begin tending to his fallen men.

Gnarr soon finds out that his best friend and most trusted warrior Jerkar has died in the battle. As he mourns his friend Gage has made it back to the scene after finding an exit out of the maze these dwarves call home. After quick introductions Farlin and Gage proceed to heal both Kreiger and RevDar.

Once the men have been healed Gage does his best to heal Gnarr, however his wounds were much more severe and he only managed to heal him a bit. Gnarr will just need to work the rest of the soreness out over the next week or so.

RevDar and Gnarr move on to preparing a proper funeral for Jerkar. By order of LOPNEL all warriors of his shall be burned upon the battlefield in which they fell. During the procession, Gnarr gives a wonderful speech aided with a ORCish song of the fallen performed by Farlin. This act quickly puts Farlin in the favor of the rest of the group (especially Gnarr’s men). The song quickly lifts the parties spirits and they feel a sense of triumph even though there is still a nagging sense of loss on this day.

The warm fuzzys are soon broken up however, when WroggTar bursts in saying another group of Wolfen are on his tail, and with the fire, it won’t be long before they find the group. And boy is he right, what seemed like only moments, the entire party was surrounded by Wolfen. Their red eyes glowing through the smoke, and the howls striking a cord with those not made of sterner stuff. WroggTar quickly asks everyone to grab hold of him and he begins chanting.

Soon there is an explosion of light and the party are teleported to the exit Gage and WroggTar found earlier. However the amount of people and the distance traveled put to much toll on WroggTar and he collapsed in exhaustion…

Session 46
Grrr, my head is killing me!

Gnarr’s eyes open as he takes in his surroundings. <ugg> Gnarr thinks to himself. Looking around he sees the carnage left over from the battle. Dead wolfen lie all across the floor, you see Jerkar, Kreger, and Revdar laid across the floor as well, they all look wounded, your not sure if they are still alive. You try to move and pain shoots through your body. You look down and see a large gash in your shoulder and plenty of your own blood liters the floor. You muster your strength and pull yourself to your feet. There are no signs of Gage, Wroggtar, Teg or gromen. Your in a cave, a couple of torches lay on the ground. You quickly rush over to check on your men. They seem to be breathing but are unconscious.

Suddenly the memories come rushing back. You had to get past the wolfen army and decided to head through the dwarven runes! You left Teg and Gromen topside to keep any scouts from finding your trail and if they did to lead them away. <that> you thing to yourself looking at the pile of wolfen around you. Hopefully they are still alive! The memories come but they are scattered and fuzzy. You remember going through the caves and getting lost. Soon you heard the sound of wolfen in the caves. You remember speaking to Gage and telling him he must continue and that you would deal with the Wolfen and catch up with him soon. A firm handshake and then the memory jumped again! The next thing you see is the flash of battle. You and your men taking on wave after wave of Wolfen. You have memories of your men falling one by one, until only you stood. Only you stood and at least 5 wolfen remained. Your Orcish bloodlust took over and your vision scewed into a red hue, the pain of your wounds slipping away and only the inner rage building up begging for an exit. You let out a blood curtiling scream and charge into battle brandishing your duel maces. Ignoring the blows of the other Wolfen, you proceeded to smash them to bits with your maces, sending them back to whatever gods they believe in. You might not survive this day, but Lopnel will look down on you favorably! That you know for sure. Soon enough it was over, all the wolfen lay dead. Maybe 25 sprawl the cavern, and the redish hue of your vision fades. You look down at yourself and see you are bleeding from a large gash in your shoulder. Suddenly everything went black…..

<so> Gnarr thinks to himself as he looks around…..

What to do now!

Session 45
It's been awhile!

Session 45 wave log


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